Why I recommend Budget Blinds Federal Way

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I’d like to introduce you to Paul and Cassie Moorhead, owners of Budget Blinds of Federal Way, Washington. Steve and I recently met Paul when we ordered new blinds for several areas of our house, then decided to order blinds for the rest of the house, and then opted to throw in some window treatments, too. 

For the past few years, I’d seen Budget Blinds signs in some of our neighbors’ yards. (Note: offline, old-school still works!) When Steve and I got serious about new blinds and window treatments, we asked some of those neighbors about their experience with Budget Blinds. The responses were 100% positive. 

I looked up the Budget Blinds number online, called and left a voicemail. I got a quick return call from Paul. We set an appointment, and a week later he showed up at our door, right on time. He was polite, friendly and personable. As it turns out, he and his wife live a few blocks away. We live in a golf community, and  we quickly learned that he and his wife have two young daughters - and they have the same goal for them that we had for our daughter Kelly; to grow up golfing and swimming at our local country club. 

After some small talk, Paul delved into finding out what kind of look we wanted to create, gave us suggestions and options, and was soon measuring for new blinds for our main windows. The price was fair, not cheap. He pointed out that he can work with any kind of budget. As it turns out, they have custom options that allow you to “spend as much as you want!” (That gave me a chuckle.)

Steve and I got caught up in our conversation with Paul. He was focused on creating a result we were happy with, and honestly it was exciting! It felt more like a casual conversation with a friend than a sales call. Paul wasn’t pushy. In Chapter Seven of my book, Uncopyable Sales Secrets, I call what he did being in “Sherlock Mode.” Paul took the time to find out what we wanted, and educated us on things we didn’t know, guiding us to a decision we felt great about. He told us up front he was absolutely committed to giving us the very best value. He was clear about the different price points. He talked about his own recent home remodel. When I asked about it, he reached for his phone and showed me the (gorgeous) photos of the results.

When I look at the cover photo on the Budget Blinds of Federal Way website, I’d describe it as “what you see is what you get.” Paul and Cassie are good people. In fact, last weekend, they had an open house, a “reveal” of their big remodel. They invited us to tour the home they’d remodeled with their two small kids in mind. As we mingled with their friends and family - all warm and welcoming -  it was clear that the way they run their business is in alignment with the way they live their lives. 

Then came Phase Two. (The only downside of having beautiful new blinds installed, was that the windows we hadn’t done stuck out like a bunch of proverbial sore thumbs.) I called Paul again. “We want you to come back!” I said. 

Paul came back, this time with his new team member, Buddy. Together they painstakingly measured for Phase Two of our project, including more blinds and window treatments for the living area. When they left, Steve and I gave them each autographed books. We commended them for giving us such a great experience. “You guys did exactly what I talk about in Uncopyable Sales Secrets!"

Paul told me he doesn’t feel like a salesperson. He said his goal is to find out what people want, and to help them get it. He’s not interested in being pushy or talking people into something they don’t want.  “That’s not who I am,” he said. 

So who IS Paul Moorhead? The kind of salesperson Steve and I truly enjoyed working with. The kind of salesperson who let us know he cared. The kind of salesperson I can’t wait to recommend. The bonus: I have a new example of an Uncopyable sales experience I can share with our Uncopyable BFFs. 

Last but not least: if you’re looking for blinds and/or window treatments in the Federal Way area, please call Paul Moorhead, at 253-262-0094, or email Paul and Cassie at [email protected].  And be sure to tell them Steve and I say hello.