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Make More sales, by being Uncopyable. 


People don't just buy your product or service, they buy YOU. 

You're going to learn what you need to know to be Uncopyable.


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Uncopyable Sales Secrets teaches a foolproof system for creating an Uncopyable Attachment with your prospects and clients so that you can fill your sales pipeline, close more deals, and build a loyal customer base. 


Sales success isn’t the result of being good at selling a product or service…it comes from being good at selling yourself.


That’s right—you, not your product or service,
are the most valuable asset to the customer.

To become a master salesperson,
you have to make the relationship with the buyer uniquely valuable.


You have to make yourself invaluable and irreplaceable.


In short, you have to make yourself
and the partnership you’re pitching Uncopyable.


 Hi, I'm Kay Miller

I was the first woman ever hired for outside sales by Amerock, a division of Anchor Hocking. I built my successful sales career by emphasizing long-term relationships over one-time deals. I was later hired by Walker Exhaust, a division of Tenneco, and the largest automotive muffler manufacturer in the world. While there, I was named Walker’s Salesperson of the Year, and earned the nickname “Muffler Mama.”

I'm the author of the new book, Uncopyable Sales Secrets - How to Create an Unfair Advantage and Outsell Your Competition.The book has been called “The most fun sales book you’ve ever read,” and is packed with powerful strategies as well as specific actions you can start using immediately to make more sales.I'm on a mission to help YOU make more sales by being Uncopyable! 

I live outside Seattle with my husband, Steve, and cat, Sam. My favorite activities include skiing, hiking, and spending time with our daughter, Kelly.

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Kay Miller Will Teach You How to: 

  • Create a win-win outlook for both you and your customers
  • Step beyond fear to consistently expand your comfort zone
  • Get in the door by making an Uncopyable first impression
  • Trade negotiation and persuasion for mutually profitable relationship-building
  • Leverage multiple contact platforms to maximize communication effectiveness
  • Secure the order by asking the right questions, listening, and following up

When you execute this process, your customers will see you not only as delivering a superior product or service, but also as part of a high-value relationship they simply cannot get anywhere else. 


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