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Kay Miller earned the nickname “Muffler Mama” after becoming the #1 muffler salesperson in the world (yes, she sold automotive exhaust systems)! In Uncopyable Sales Secrets, Kay gives YOU a foolproof system to blast through your sales goals:

  • Target your very best prospects (aka Moose) for maximum close rates
  • Get in the door when others can’t, by making an Uncopyable first impression
  • Make sales calls your competition won’t by expanding your comfort zone
  • Create win-win outcomes so your customers want to buy

  • Develop an Uncopyable personal brand that makes customers want to buy from YOU
  • Get the “YES!” by asking the right questions, listening, and following up


Packed with engaging personal stories as well as outside examples, Uncopyable Sales Secrets gives you the exact steps you need to enhance your prospecting skills, make more sales, grow your network, and become a top earner.

Read this book…before your competition does!

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Coni Lefferts


Creative Packaging Solutions

Uncopyable Sales Secrets is today’s sales person’s learn-by-example how-to. I could visualize some of the scenes you described in the book - from feeling like a “drowned rat” with mascara running down your face, to Kelly’s determination as she fought her way out of the sand trap. In fact, I couldn’t put it down!

Thank you very much…for putting an end to the hard sales approach of present and close, close, close, and instead focusing on the secrets to long-term sales success. This is one of those books that’s easy to pick up and re-read - even if only selected chapters - multiple times. It’s a keeper!


Wayne Meyer

Director of Sales and Marketing

Jifram Extrusions, Inc.

Great Read! Fun, entertaining, inspirational. Full of relevant, actionable strategies and tactics, Uncopyable Sales Secrets is a book every young and veteran sales professional needs to read. I wish I would have read this book early in my selling days!


Art Turock

Comfort Zone Demolition Expert

Author, Competent is Not an Option

Uncopyable Sales Secrets contains all the elements of a great read.  Humorous and captivating stories. Hard-hitting actionable ideas to stand out as an elite sales professional.  Self-coaching skills to make demolishing fear a fun activity.  Empathy for the challenges of selling.   Kay Miller nails the key ingredients for sustainable success. Read this book, and stand out as a game-changer in the eyes of your customers.